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October 17, 2011

Yeesh! Two weeks without a blog update. That shouldn’t happen. But I let it happen anyways.

As I’ve mentioned before, it seems I don’t blog when I don’t write- or revise as the case may be. For the past three weeks, many things that are not writing or revising the novel have been winning the battle for my time.  Mostly, it’s because I’ve been choosing those things over my fledgling writing career. Partially, it’s also because I’ve been too tired or mentally drained to write or blog when I’m done with the other things that I’ve given my time to.

The major consequence of this is that it is no longer possible for me to finish the second draft of my novel by my October 31 deadline. Even if I work my ass off over it for the next two weeks, it just isn’t going to be done. The original plan was to be done with the second draft before Día de los Muertos, and hand it off to my good friend with the editorial experience to give me a professional critique of it. (The best part of using him is that I can pay him with a case of beer and by taking him out to dinner afterwards.) Unfortunately, it just won’t be to the point where I’m ready for that yet.

Here’s what I’m not going to do about it. I am not going to move the deadline to a later date. That will only lead to more procrastination further down the line. And that will lead frustration with myself, which will lead to hate. Hate leads to… oh nevermind.

Here’s what I am going to do about it. I am going to do all the work I can on the novel up to October 31. Then it’s evaluation time. That will be the time to look things over an ask myself the following serious questions:

Do I want to continue working on this novel, or do I want to pursue a project that I care more about? (Either past stories that I want to complete, or one of the many bouncing around in my head trying to get out.) There’s always the possibility of coming back to this one later. Then again, plenty of professional authors have their mulch pile.

If I do want to continue with this story for the time being, do I want to seek professional help, such as a class in novel revising?

If I do want to continue with this story for the time being, do I want to just start again from the beginning and do a complete rewrite?

There’s also the possibility of devoting more time to short fiction. There’s not a whole lot of money in the short fiction market, but it’s good way to garner feedback from other authors. (Not like there’s a whole lot money in novels either.)

That’ll be plenty to contemplate in two weeks. For now, back to Westreach, and maybe a bit of blogging as well.

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