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My Latest Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooals!

January 20, 2012

(If you weren’t sure, ‘goals’ in the title of this post should be pronounced aloud in the style of a Chilean soccer commentator.)

Time management has never been a particular strength of mine, but I learned a long time ago the wisdom of setting clear goals to help keep myself focused on tasks that are important to me. Now if only I would just make time to actually define those goals…

That’s actually one of the purposes behind this here blog of mine. Posting my plans and goals for my budding writing career here makes me accountable, even if the only person I’m really accountable to is myself.

So here is what I’m setting out to do writing-wise in the near future. I’m even including some self-imposed deadlines (dangerous proposition, I know). Deadlines are spaced out to allow me time to deal with some “real-life” obligations.

1) One piece of flash fiction submitted to Daily Science Fiction. Length: Approximately 800 words. Deadlines: Solicit feedback from trusted readers by February 7; submit to DSF by Feb. 14. (Have many ideas here. Just need to force myself to translate one from brain to fingers to word processor.)

2) One short story, minimum 2,500 words, for submittal to online magazine (possibly Clarkesworld or Strange Horizons). Deadlines: Solicit feedback from my peeps by February 28; tentatively submit to online mag by March 15 depending on feedback received. (This might actually turn out to be a modified Chapter 1 for Goal No. 3 below.)

If those two goals make it seem like I’m aiming low, it’s because I am. I want to actually accomplish something in the way of getting something with my name on it published. Next goal is the ambitious one.

3) The next novel. Working title: Jacob in the Wasteland. Estimated length: 110,000 words. This is my Nine Inch Nails-inspired post-apocalyptic western story I began some time ago in an online writing workshop. I actually began dreaming this thing up a long while back while listening to the NIN album The Fragile for what was probably the twentieth time back when that album was a new thing. Over time the story and characters in my head have gotten more complex and more real-seeming. The growth of the story has also been influenced by even more music, including Soundgarden, Audioslave, Metallica, more NIN, Foo Fighters, and perhaps a wee bit of Abney Park (minus the steampunk). Also, it’s got people with telepathy in it. I’m debating whether or not mutated wild animals fit in or not as an additional obstacle for the protagonists. This is a story were people are clearly the monsters. Though some of those monsters might be heroes too.

It’s past time I finished what I started on this thing. I’m not quite ready yet however to set a writing schedule. I definitely want to devote more time to producing a quality first draft than I did for my first novel. The good news here is that Chapter 1 is at least half-finished. (Or maybe Chapter 1 is finished and Chapter 2 is started, depending on how you look at it.) So here’s the plan for this project. Deadlines: Complete outline and at least 5 new character sketches by February 28; set writing schedule, and word quotas by March 4; dive into writing by March 4.

All sounds achievable, right? Don’t wish me luck. Just tell me to put my ass in the chair and write.

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  1. January 20, 2012 1:56 pm

    Now what are you doing blogging, instead of writing? Just giving you a hard time like you asked. Not going to wish you good luck, so… may your back not spasm, and your fingers be swift. Happy writing.



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