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My Birthday and Today in History

January 24, 2012
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Today marks my 31st birthday. Not sure I have any especially clever insights into how it feels to turn this old/young right now, but I do have a couple entertaining tidbits to mark the occasion with. (Entertaining to me at least.)

Today in 1972, a Japanese soldier who was unaware WWII had ended was found hiding out in the jungles of Guam. Wasn’t there an episode of Gilligan’s Island based off of that?

I happen to share this particular date of birth with a few noteworthy artist-type people, including Ernest Borgnine, Neil Diamond, and Sharon Tate. Also Frederick II of Prussia (a.k.a. Frederick the Great). Historical sidenote: “the Great” is the epithet typically given to rulers who instigate the bloodiest wars of their time.

Personally, I’ve always been proudest of the fact that I share my birthday with my maternal grandfather. Though he passed away while I was a teenager, the man is still an inspiration to me. If there were one person no longer among the living I could show my work to get an opinion from them, it would be him.

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