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Clearing the Logjam

March 22, 2012

Figuring out how to structure my writing time has proven more difficult than I thought, but at least I’ve accomplished some of my goals. My problem over the past couple of months has really been the same problem I had the couple of months before that. Time management.

Trying to balance the things I want to do (like writing, brewing beer, playing RPGs with friends, etc.) with the things I sort of want to do except for the part that requires actual work (like planning an upcoming trip, searching for the right  grad school program, etc.) with the things that I have to do whether I like it or not (like the day job, paying taxes, etc.) has been especially difficult for me these past couple of months. It seems as if on some nights, when I should have the time to accomplish something, the pressure of everything I feel like I should be doing is almost too much, and I end up just flopping on the couch to catch up on the last week of TV that’s on the DVR.

I know, I’m my own worst enemy. I have no one to blame but myself. (And adulthood. Who invented this stupid idea of having to be a grown-up?)

Here’s the good news. With respect to the Goals I set about two months ago, Goal No. 1 was completed. I finished writing on time, though I held off on submitting it for a bit while I waited for some feedback from some trusted readers. Some of that feedback never came, but I said to heck with it, I know what I wrote is awesome anyways. Of course I’ll tell you here if it’s accepted.

Goal No. 2 was sort of completed. The product I ended up with here just never felt like it came together. Probably because it felt, I don’t know, rushed? I need to take more time here.

Goal No. 3, was not completed. The simple reason for this is that I realized I was trying to rush it, and it was wasn’t coming together the way I had hoped. I will also be taking more time here, but not until after I feel I’ve written something that satisfies Goal No. 2.

What I’ve learned here is that I’m not yet ready to layer several writing projects on top of one another. At least, not if I want to fulfill any of life’s other obligations and desires. So, as an experiment, my goal-setting exercise was at least a partial success. And the only casualty has been a bit of my self-esteem.

My neglecting this blog for a month hasn’t been helpful either. My main purpose in blogging has been to help me maintain focus on my writing. No blogging, no focus, no writing. No writing, no focus, no blogging. It’s a vicious cycle.

Alright, that’s enough navel-gazing. Now it’s time to roll up my sleeves, put on my writer’s cap (Note to self: find a good writer’s cap), and get back blogging, get back to reading your blogs, and get back to creating!

So how’ve you been?

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