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And Now, A Labyrinth

September 7, 2012

Between the craggy peaks of the Mountains Storming and the inscrutable wilderness that is the Ocean Untamed, within the ruins of an ancient city of Old Ubilam, beneath a once grandiose palace of a nearly forgotten family of sorcerers and warlocks, there is a labyrinth. Within this labyrinth there is said to be a vault that contains the forgotten knowledge of the ancients, both sorcerous and technological in nature. This labyrinth, the purpose of which is ostensibly to prevent access to the knowledge-filled vault, is said to contain many dangers and guardians of the unnatural variety.

It is through this vault that Reynard, self-described treasure-finder, ran for his life while carrying the wounded body of his comrade. Reynard and his companions, most of whom were now deceased, had come expecting danger. They were experienced explorers of similar ancient ruins. They were not even especially frightened at the first sight of the walking dead guardians that they had encountered. What they had not counted on was that the walking dead would be armed with flintlock pistols and muskets, or that they would be such excellent shots. And the living intruders had been especially surprised that the unliving marksmen would have the mental faculties required to set ambushes.

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  1. September 7, 2012 10:55 am

    Sounds like a familiar scenario… 😛


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