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Petty Gods! Also, where the hell have I been?

May 6, 2013

I really should have known better than to ever declare that I was going to be a more active blogger on my blog. That pretty much guaranteed that blogging would fall by the wayside in my life. Oh well.

Really, what happened to my online presence over the past year or so is that I’ve become so busy, that I’ve had to continually make choices between writing more blog posts, or writing actual stories. You know, the thing that blogging was supposed to help me stay on top of. So writing has been winning out over blogging for a while. Although many important things in my life have been winning out over both.

Work on my current novel project (the wasteland western-type story) continues incrementally.

Something newsworthy that involves my creative endeavors did happened in April: Petty Gods has been released! My submission of Azwa, Protector of Giant Stone Heads in the Wilderness is finally available for all to see, along with 99 absolutely obscure fictitious deities submitted way back in 2010. Even though it’s a freebie, it’s still sort of important to me personally, for reasons I’ll explain if you keep reading.

What the hell is Petty Gods you ask? (Well, I’m pretending you asked anyways). Pettys Gods was originally the project of one James Maliszewski, known for his old-school RPG blog Grognardia. Back in November of 2010, James put out the call for submissions of the pettiest and most minor godlings his blog readers could conceive of, to be compiled into a book for use in table-top role-playing games (D&D Basic and Labyrinth Lord specifically). The idea was to have a manual of the type of killable immortals that Michael Moorcock’s Elric might fight, only weirder.

So when I saw this, I said to myself “sure, why the hell not?” and wrote up a couple of submissions that I thought would fit the bill. I was quite excited to find out later that not only was my submission of Azwa chosen, but that Thomas Denmark‘s artwork had made my little petty godling look like a total asskicker.

This acceptance of my little three-paragraph blurb helped to put me on the path I’m on now. The same day I submitted my gods to James M., I decided to call in sick to work and keep writing. That day was the first day in a long time that I spent revisiting old abandoned projects, and finally putting pen to paper on new ideas that were kicking around in my head. A few months later, I began my personal novel writing month, and completed my first real milestone as a budding author.

James M. put the project on hold to work on paying gigs, and eventually disappeared from the internet altogether. (If you want to know more about James’s disappearing act and why certain people are pissed off about it, just Google “Dwimmermount”. Fair warning: the vitriol might be overwhelming.)

But now, thanks to the efforts of the amazing Greg of the blog known as Gorgonmilk, Petty Gods lives! The original text is currently available for free download on Gorgonmilk (scroll down and look for the free downloads on the left-hand side). My submission is on page 21, but be sure to check out everyone else’s godlings too! Even if you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about D&D, this collection is fantastic inspiration for anyone interested in any type of speculative fiction. (Tyop, god of Print Errors and Minor Heresies might be my favorite so far).

Greg Gorgonmilk didn’t want to stop there, however. He’s since expanded the project well beyond what anyone else might have originally conceived of. (Some of these new petty gods ain’t so petty seeming!) Check out his past blog posts to see what he’s doing with it. Even Michael Moorcock and Gene Wolfe have submitted to the forthcoming expanded version!  (Greg, you delightful madman you!)

A Last Bit on Me

Ok, so now that I’ve thoroughly buried the lead, there’s a bit more news to share, and it’s a major reason why I’ve been so busy.


I’m engaged!

The Ninja-Girlfriend became the Ninja-Fiancé, and will become the Ninja-Wife before the end of the year.

So yeah, there’s been quite a lot going on with me. Hopefully I’ll be returning to blogging semi-regularly, but seriously, no promises. There is some hope that maybe now that we’ve finally moved in together, and are starting to get settled, it will be easier to organize writing time. Or so I tell myself…

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  1. kenlizzi permalink
    May 6, 2013 11:33 am

    Congratulations on your dive into the matrimonial pool: Join us, the water is fine. I think I have a bit in the expanded “Petty Gods” as well, just a minor contribution regarding food.


  2. May 7, 2013 9:21 am

    Ahh good to see you around and still writing. Congratulations as well 😉


  3. May 7, 2013 11:25 am

    I stopped by to thank you for signing up for my Towel Day Blogfest! Also, congratulations on all your good news! I hope you and future Ninja Wife will be deliriously happy!


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