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Neil Gaiman

August 21, 2013

I disappeared for a little while again there. It happens. Life happens. My sister’s wedding happened. Helping to plan my own wedding happens. Fixing my car’s front bumper happened. My rental car’s window getting smashed in happened. Etc…

Back on June 27, here in LA (Glendale actually), Neil Gaiman happened…by. I was there. I got his new book (the one for adults), The Ocean at the End of the Lane. You can watch the full interview-conversation, which includes him reading both from Ocean and his new children’s book, Fortunately, the Milk… here:

Afterwards, Neil stuck around signing books for about a thousand people for over seven hours. Multiple books per person too. Why? Because he loves his fans and he’s a motherfuckin’ trooper, that’s why!

As for The Ocean at the End of the Lane, it’s really short, but also really, really good. Lot’s of autobiographical elements in it that give the story sort of a 4th dimension, but  without breaking any walls. Don’t worry, it’s still very much a Neil Gaiman story. It’s about a young boy facing some dire supernatural problems that are well beyond his ability to solve on his own. If you’ve ever enjoyed anything that Neil Gaiman has done before, you will enjoy this. And if you’ve never enjoyed anything Neil Gaiman has done before, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Or you just have never read or watched anything by Neil Gaiman. Which means you’re seriously missing out. In which case, you really should watch the video linked to above.

I think when authors put pieces of their lives and personal philosophies into fictional stories (without actually writing about themselves), it lends the story some extra depth, and a type of energy that the work wouldn’t have otherwise.  I’ve read a few books besides Ocean lately that do this really well. Maybe I should blog about them.

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