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Junta Virus

October 21, 2013

Contrary to the denials of most modern-day governments, the Junta Virus exists, though it may be impossible to quantify the number of infected. The most common symptoms of infection are a sharp decline in a person’s faith in democracy, and a noticeable increase in one’s respect for military authority.

The virus’s existence first became public knowledge in 1947, shortly after the now-legendary battle between the supervillian known as General Nefarion, and the costumed vigilantes, The Human Fist, Commander Freedom, and the Commander’s ill-fated sidekick, Sergeant Stripes. General Nefarion had planned to unleash the Junta Virus upon Washington D.C. by means of a specially engineered V2 rocket. This rocket was designed to explode above its target area and deliver its payload in aerosolized form.

At the cost of his own, life Sergeant Stripes was able to redirect the rocket, causing it to instead explode in mid-atmosphere above South America, where the damage from its payload was considerably lessened. Reports that Commander Freedom had been exposed to the virus are generally considered erroneous, despite his documented actions in Nigeria and Thailand in his later years. The Human Fist has never spoken publicly about the events of that day, as is typical of him.

Approximately one year ago, the Agency began an official study on the risks of human-to-human transmission for the known strains of Junta. This study was canceled before it’s completion by order of the Department of Defense.

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