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No More ‘Education Reform’

April 24, 2014

This needs a signal boost:

 Something In Me Snapped Today: No More ‘Education Reform’ 

Written by Julie Vassilatos

Something in me snapped today and I realized that I am finished using the phrase “education reform.” 

That’s how folks refer to the constellation of ideas firmly entrenched in the White House right now, upheld by almost every governor of every state, red and blue, and most mayors, notably our own. It includes the tenets that privatizing our schools will improve them, that the Common Core State Standards are the fix for all that ails our failing schools, and that testing our students more and more will raise test scores.  

But this, truly, is not “reform.” Some of these are ideas that have been implemented for 25 years all over the country to little effect. 

This is the status quo. 

So I’m not going to call it reform anymore. 

I’m going to call it what it is. Corporate control of education. 

And here’s why. In every instance, every plank in the platform, every element of this effort can be traced back to cash–flowing into the coffers of very rich corporate entities and individuals. …

The proponents of this snake oil have managed to control the rhetoric for so long that we don’t even blink when they say that their education plan is “the civil rights issue of our time.” They say this a lot. 


Full article can be read here.

Brought to my attention by my good friend over at Cosmic Flypaper.

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