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About A Song of Ice and Fire – Barely Collected Thoughts

May 8, 2014

Spoiler Warning: I’ve read all the novels so far and I’m caught up with all the episodes of Game of Thrones. For the purposes of this post, I’m assuming that you are too. If not, read on at your own risk.

In no particular order:

  • I really wondered where the hell they were going with the whole extra Craster’s Keep storyline in the TV show. As it turned out, nowhere at all. It was just filler because they’ve screwed around with all the various character’s timelines from the books. It was fun to watch filler, but it didn’t really lead anywhere. Although, the last episode did answer the question of what the white walkers do with human babies…
  • Now I’m really wondering what the heck G.R.R. Martin is going to do with Craster’s Keep in Book 6. It has to have a completely different role.
  • My wish for Sansa is that she stop being a football. She’s the least proactive of all the main characters, and it’s high time that changed. Supposedly, in George double-R’s draft manuscript for Book 6, Winds of Winter, there’s some really shocking scene involving Sansa. I really, truly hope that it’s something more creative than her being raped and further abused. At this point, that would just be boring and not really shocking at all considering her character arc thus far. Shocking would be if Sansa raped someone. But I’m thinking it’s more likely that she finally flips out and kills somebody herself. Probably smothers Little Robert to death with a pillow. Here’s hoping anyways.
  • Jaime Lannister’s character arc has been surprisingly satisfying up through A Feast For Crows.
  • The elves, a.k.a. Children of the Forest are not exciting. Not at all.
  • Arya is turning out to be my favorite little homocidal maniac. By the end of A Dance With Dragons, it’s way past time that she is re-united with her wolf, Nymeria, so they can begin their killing spree throughout Westeros. Ok, that may just be wishful thinking on my part, but you know you want to see that too.
  • I love that in A Feast For Crows, Cersei is slowly but surely sliding towards full-on Countess Bathory monsterhood. Genius George, genius!
  • So, is the malevolent force behind the White Walkers aliens or demons? Or demonic aliens? Place your bets!
  • How the fuck is it possible that A Dance With Dragons left us without a resolution to anything? In that book, the author even managed to ruin the resolutions for Jaime and Cersei’s character arcs from the previous book! How the fuck have neither Tyrion or Victarion met up with Daenerys by the end of that one? No one has blown that horn within earshot of the dragons yet? Where’s the “Dance” with the fucking dragons? George, you cocktease, I know you know better!
  • You do realize that Tyrion is the author’s favorite character, don’t you? He should be yours too. The Tyrion from the books is not quite the same character as the one from the show, but thanks to Peter Dinklage, I love them both.
  • You know what the whole series needs? 25% more dragons. 25% less boring plots being hatched in Dorne.
  • What I think I truly love about the whole series is all the old-school sword n’ sorcery elements that George R.R. Martin blends into his work. His whole corruption of civilization vs. tough-but-fair savage barbarism paradigm turns Robert E. Howard’s philosophy up to 11. Many of his fight scenes could have been written by the pulp greats such as Howard, Lamb, or Leiber. The Church of Starry Wisdom in Braavos? Funny. George, you’re awesome.
  • Now, finish the fucking series already George!

And lastly, if you’re wondering who’s going to be king of Westeros in the end, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: it’s Hodor.

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