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Totally Worth It

June 29, 2014

It’s been a very intense weekend, and I’m exhausted. This brief blurb will have to serve as my update for the time being.

The West Coast Writers Conference, hosted by the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society was 117% worth the time, and more so the money. (Waaay cheaper than many other writers conferences run.) I’ve learned a lot in the past three days. Too much to absorb all at once. But I have a full large notepad, and many handouts-worth of information to review in the coming days (or weeks). Lots of good information on improving my writing, revising and editing. Just as much on promoting myself and my work, and selling my work (eventually).

Lots of great people too. I encountered exactly zero cases of snobbery or elitism. Plenty of non-fiction and “literary” fiction writers, and not once did I hear (or even overhear) anyone talking trash about genre fiction authors.

Specifics will have to wait. After checking my work e-mail, it seems I may have another intense day ahead of me tomorrow, but one that will be much less fun . . .

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