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Not All That Bad

September 1, 2016

So, lest yesterday’s post lead anyone to think that I’m suffering from serious depression, I just wanted to say that I’m doing OK. Really. There’s serious emotional stuff, but I’ve dealt with, and I’m dealing with it. I have a wonderful wife, and we have wonderful friends who have been there for us when we’ve needed them.

What I wrote yesterday felt like something I’d been waiting to say for a year. Writing it down and putting it out there felt therapeutic. After writing it, I had a brief debate with myself about whether I should post it publicly or not, and then decided, “eh, what the hell”.

Yesterday itself was alright. I took a day off work to spend more time with my wife and son. It’s hard to be sad when I’m around this little guy.


Fiction and fiction-related things are in the works.

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