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1st Novel

Below is a link to my 31-day literary masterpiece/disaster, composed during the month of March, 2011. Working title: The Other Road to Westreach. Word count: roughly 53,000.

The revision process for this beast turned out to be more than I was ready to deal with at the time, so I decided to let it lie and move on to projects that I felt more passionate about.

Perhaps some day I will decide to give it the rewrite that it desperately needs. That day is probably not today. Still, I’m proud of myself for having written it in the arbitrary time I allotted myself. (I chose not to wait around for NaNoWriMo that year.)

There is a mostly coherent and complete story in there, but I’m well aware that it’s full of plot holes, inconsistencies, poor character development, and questionable grammar. This version is presented just as it was when I finished it on day 31, typos and all. It’s presented here as a sort of personal trophy. My way of saying to myself: “See, I’m an author after all. Here’s proof. Go me!”

So without further ado:

Comments and criticisms still welcome if you feel like sharing any.


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